Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Just got home from the Pogues show. Amazed that Shane still has it. Or has it again. Any of it. Whatever. It was pretty amazing. I meant to write down the setlist, but forgot. Suffice to say that if you wanted to hear it, they probably played it. My Top 5 Pogues songs, kind of:

1. Transmetropolitan
2. Dark Streets of London
3. Turkish Song of the Damned
4. If I Should Fall From Grace With God
5. Everything else off the first three albums.

#1 is the only one on that list they didn't play. "Streams of Whiskey" was first followed by "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" and after that it's a big blur. Phil Chevron completely rocked "Thousands Are Sailing." Spider Stacy (the baddest tin whistler alive) sang a few. Virtually everything Shane said in between songs was nigh incomprehensible. The encores were "Sally Maclennane," "Rainy Night in Soho," a couple other songs (including "The Irish Rover" and some other trad tune sung by Andrew Rankin) and finally "Fiesta" which featured Spider and Shane smashing drinks trays into their heads repeatedly.

I am continually amazed and reassured to see older bands rocking out. For example, James Fearnley. Dropping to your knees can be a dodgy act; jumping off a drum riser and landing on your knees, even more so. Doing that at the age of 53 while carrying an accordion is absolutely ridiculous, and brilliant.

Only minor bummer, other than the show having to end? I saw it billed somewhere as featuring "all original members," however the badass Cait O'Riorden was not there. I mean, I knew she wouldn't be, but still. (I only thought of it at that line in "Fiesta" though).

Otherwise, I'm quite happy, head ringing, drizzle drizzling, work in the morning.


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